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When you enter a well-lit home, it just feels right. Although it may not be obvious, the reason you feel comfortable and at ease may be because the homeowner has used layered lighting.

Lighting the interior of your home in layers requires three types of lighting:
  • ambient lighting
  • task lighting
  • accent lighting
Of course, the most important goal is to have enough light for whatever you are doing.

The first type of light is ambient lighting. Ambient lighting comes from natural light such as the sun shining through skylights, windows or doors. It can also be created with track lighting, ceiling lighting, chandeliers, wall sconces, ceiling fans and recessed lighting. Most homes have some or a lot of these lighting features. This is the first layer of lighting in your home.

Task lighting is the second type of lighting needed in the home. We need light in certain areas so we can see to prepare meals, read, see ourselves in the bathroom mirror or other hobby-or work-related tasks. Task lighting includes under-counter lights, table lamps, bathroom and powder room vanity lights, island or pool table lights, floor lamps, pendant lights, track lighting and recessed lighting. These are all examples of light that is directed at a specific spot for the performance of tasks.

The third type of lighting that can be found in your home layers is accent, niche or mood lighting. Placing a picture light above a painting or directing track lighting on it is all the art needs to highlight its brilliance. A great way to add accent lighting to your kitchen is to place lights in your glass-front kitchen cabinets. By adding a dimmer to your lighting is another way to accent your home and create ambience. Remember to layer the lighting in your home with ambient, then task and finally accent Lighting.

Everyone who enters your home will be dazzled by the transformation when you put more thought into your home's lighting.

J & K Electric's highly qualified staff of lighting designers is ready to help you select the best home lighting for your needs. In business since 1973, we work with homeowners, architects and builders to create lighting layouts with the perfect product choices to satisfy even the most discriminating customer. We have over 3,000 fixtures on display at competitive prices and look forward to your visit!

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