LED (light emitting diodes) is revolutionizing the world of landscape lighting. No more changing burnt-out bulbs or fiddling with outdoor fixtures to reconnect loose bulbs. That's because there are no bulbs. Light emitting diodes are just that - electrical diodes that emit light. Combine them with various optical and reflecting devices and the result is a clean, bright light that uses 80% less electricity and has a lifetime ten times longer than halogen bulbs.

Lower energy usage equals smaller transformers and small wires - making LED landscape lighting easier to install and less expensive to purchase. The extensive choice of materials and finishes are extremely durable and attractive, making it easy to find fixtures that compliment your home. LED landscape lighting fixtures are available in Brass, Copper, Aluminum, Plastic, Stainless Steel and even Fiberglass.

Another nice advantage of LED landscape lighting is that it works underwater - making a dramatic show of water features such as ponds, pools, fountains, streams and waterfalls.

Installation is easier as well. Running wires and connecting them to your low voltage transformer is no more difficult than setting up the speakers on your stereo system. To bury the wire, just make a slice in the ground with your shovel, press the wire into the ground and that's it. There are also special fixtures for steps and rails of decks that are just as easy to install

For those who have already invested in incandescent landscape lighting, there are now LED replacement bulbs designed to operate from the low voltage AC transformers supplied with standard landscape lighting systems or 12VDC power supplies - 12 Volt AC/DC.

LED is a better option than incandescent landscape lighting - Here's why:
  1. LED Lighting lasts up to 10 times longer than incandescent bulbs (40,000 hours vs. 4,000 hours)
  2. You do not have to change the bulbs/lamps every 1-2 years like you do with incandescent outdoor lighting.
  3. Due to the lower wattage, you can use a smaller transformer and wires.
  4. Due to the lower wattage you will have less voltage drop, so you can use thinner cable and have easier layouts, which means you can wire in series and daisy chain more fixtures, instead of buying additional transformers.
  5. LED prices are dropping fast, and new technologies enabling high output with less heat are coming on line every day.
High quality LED lights that meet Energy Star standards are extremely efficient, mercury- and lead-free, and last longer than any other type of outdoor lighting. Remember to talk to the lighting experts at your local lighting showroom. They will guide you in selecting the best LED landscape lighting for your home and needs.