Today's kitchens have many facets: in addition to food preparation, they are a gathering place for family and friends, for entertaining, homework supervision, household tasks such as bill-paying and, of course, for meals.

Because of the versatile nature of kitchen design, lighting has had to adapt. A single overhead fixture is a thing of the past. Today's activities require a layered lighting approach to satisfy the needs of different tasks. Kitchen lighting should support the lifestyles of the 21st century. The tremendous versatility of today's designs allows homeowners to tailor their kitchen lighting to perform many different tasks, from spot lights for food preparation areas or islands to flexible under-cabinet lighting and dimmable pendants or wall lights for more ambient light.

No more flickering fluorescent
Even the old kitchen stand-by, fluorescent lighting, has undergone a sea change. No longer the pasty, flickering light of the 1970's, new CFL lighting can be selected according to color and warmth, from a natural white for food preparation or a cooler white that mimics daylight for tasks such as reading.

Multi-tasking in the kitchen means there's a need for layering light so you can reduce or increase brightness according to your mood and needs. An island traditionally is lit with pendants or perhaps track lighting. New fixtures are dimmable – even with CFL bulbs – to allow for increased light when a task requires it. Recessed lighting can provide extremely focused light and is an excellent choice for over the sink or countertops.

The future is LED
LED products have revolutionized kitchen lighting, and one of the beneficiaries is under-cabinet lighting. New products such as flexible tape lighting are backed with 3M adhesive tape and are easily installed along under cabinet edges, in toekicks and even inside the top edges of cabinets or ceiling molding.

LED lighting is cool to the touch, unlike halogen or incandescent bulbs, and lasts much longer – depending on the design and usage. Learn more about LEDs and why they're better than traditional lighting.

Home Lighting Design
Homeowners considering a kitchen renovation should remember to consult with their local lighting showroom before undertaking any construction. Professional lighting designers will work with you to create a lighting layout that covers all your needs and avoids having to retrofit later.

Creating the best lighting design for your kitchen is like cooking a great meal. With the right recipe and ingredients, you'll enjoy the results for years to come. Better kitchen lighting doesn't have to be expensive. Lighting designers have access to a broad range of lighting for every budget and will work with you to stay within your parameters.

J & K Electric's highly qualified staff of lighting designers is ready to help you select the best home lighting for your needs. In business since 1973, we work with homeowners, architects and builders to create lighting layouts with the perfect product choices to satisfy even the most discriminating customer. We have over 3,000 fixtures on display at competitive prices and look forward to your visit!